Consultancy Services

Anthony Stockbridge offers a nationwide consultancy service in several areas:

Accompanied Wine-Buying Trips

Anthony has been visiting the wine regions of France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal over many years and built up a considerable network of wine producers.  He offers his services as a facilitator to those who would like to buy wines direct from the producer; be they retailers, societies or private wine-lovers.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan

An independent professional overview is invaluable before capital is committed for a venture into the licensed retail sector.  Anthony is pleased to fill this need.
He drives to the area and assesses the business potential of the catchment area and evaluates the strength of the competition. The following morning he would usually meet the vendor on site and conduct an inspection of the premises (note: we do not undertake a structural survey).

Following the site visit, Anthony completes a full SWOT report with suggested business plan.


At a meeting with the client, Anthony establishes an understanding of the business aims and ethos in order to identify the training needs. He will then produce an outline training plan for approval by the client. From this point, the direction the project takes is dependant on the client’s business priorities. Commonly, when the outline has been signed-off, a draft session will be produced to establish the training style desired by the client. There might follow a pilot and revision or, frequently, proven stock AS&A programmes may be used.  Anthony is pleased to train line management in the professional presentation of tailor-made PowerPoint training material.

Mystery Customer

Anthony visits units to conduct independent service customer care and standards audits. A report with training proposal follows the visit within seven working days.

  • Our clients are drawn from many groups;
  • Mature, motivated career-changers in the public sector who wish to become licensed retailers;
  • Unemployed men and women who are seeking new knowledge and skills, which will improve their chances of regaining employment;
  • Existing retailers and their staff who wish to further their careers by gaining qualifications.
  • Corporate organisations which seek external training resources.